Your donations help the Buist community!

The Buist Academy Foundation’s goal is to raise the money necessary to provide our children with the most competitive education possible.  The Foundation works to maintain the tradition of excellence built by past generations and create a culture where funding is never a roadblock to exceptional and creative learning opportunities at Buist Academy.  This typically translates to purchasing elements of education that the district and the state are unable to provide, be it the International Baccalaureate Programmes, supplemental curriculum or other valuable teacher/student services.

The Foundation also supports the day-to-day operations of programs and activities to build community and quality interaction among members of the Buist Academy family.

The Foundation hosts Fall Festival, Special Person’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, assists with funding for Foreign Language Week, 8th Grade Graduation, the Buist Academy House System, and IB Field Day, and publishes a weekly “Knightly News” and periodic “Buist Banner” to keep families informed.  One way this is facilitated is through volunteer coordinators working to enlist room coordinators to work with each classroom and involve parents, grandparents, and other interested supporters with opportunities to volunteer with one-time events or on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

Here is a detailed breakdown of how your money helps the Buist community at large